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key expertise and tools

Kerrie Akkermans possesses expertise in a number of inter-related aspects of running a business: management, marketing and the systems to support the business. She has expertise in researching an organisation's market and advising on its strategy, operational processes and marketing strategies that work and are sustainable.

She has assisted many companies to improve their productivity and profit levels by providing consulting advice or training in areas where they are especially vulnerable.

Kerrie is able to recommend strategies that consider both the front and the back-end of business operations because she has the expertise in both marketing and quality systems.

All of her work is underpinned by the desire to add sustainable value through:

Strong Leadership
Sound Management
innovative processes
risk minimisation
raising systems to relevant standards ie.ISO9000, AS 4801

key projects

Winning Industry Awards
Brokered several large funding opportunites
Proven success in completing projects and liaising with stakeholders

 Kerrie at the Covers Outfit Lunch
Kerrie at the Covers Outfit event with Sue Redman
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